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Being Proud of Going to the Dentist No Matter How Long It Has Been

Posted on 3/30/2017 by Dr. Smith
A woman visiting the dentist.
For some people, going to the dentist is one of the most overwhelming choices of their life.

They either had a bad experience that has caused them to shy away from the dentist, or they weren't able to go for an extended period of time, leaving them fearful of going now.

If you haven't been to the dentist in quite some time, don't be afraid. There are dentist's out there who specialize in welcoming back patients who have gone without dental care for a while. They understand, and they won't shame you for whatever reason kept you away.

Changing Your Perspective Can Help You Get into the Office

Right now, you see the dentist's chair as something to fear. Instead, you should be proud that you are getting ready to go and sit back down in the dentist's chair.

Your dentist wants to help you get healthy, and they can as soon as you get there. By living in fear of what they might do, you are avoiding the reality of what they are going to do.

They will be proud of you for making the choice to come in now. Instead of what you fear, find out what they are going to start with, so you don't have to worry about the unknown.

Talk with the dentist you opt to go with. Let them in on what has kept you away for that time, and let them see how serious you are about getting your oral health under control.

Be proud that you are taking the stance that your oral health is more important than your fears. Know that you will be complemented for your choice, not stigmatized. You are making the right choice, and should be excited to be able to further your overall health.

Please contact our office of you have any questions about your dental visit.

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