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Three Foods That Work in Place of A Toothbrush When On the Go

Posted on 5/30/2017 by Dr. Smith
A toothbrush with a piece of toothpaste on it.
When you are rushing around after a busy work luncheon or a chaotic bit of errands and cannot brush your teeth, you can do the next best thing. There are a few foods that are easy to toss into the car and chew on after a meal to help clean up your teeth. They are easy to keep in the fridge, ready to go, so all you must do is reach in and grab when you are walking out the door.

Three Quick Foods to Help Brush Your Teeth

The first is commonly called nature's toothbrush. This would be the apple. Apples have long been shown to help clean off your teeth when you eat them. Grab one next time you must run out the door when you know you won't be able to brush shortly after eating your next meal.

Another great food would be raw carrots. They are hard, require a lot of chewing to break up, and they keep your teeth clean when you eat them regularly. The more you chew them, the more saliva they produce, which allows them to help wash your teeth after a meal, too!

Finally, if you want something that is going to keep your teeth clean plus keep you hydrated, you want celery. Its plain flavor allows it to be easily eaten after nearly any meal, and it is simple to clean, cut, and put in bags in your fridge for quick, on the go, toothbrush alternatives.

The more of these foods you use as snacks, either before or after dinner, the more likely you are to have good oral health. If you want alternatives to these foods, then contact our office. They can help you pick out foods that work best for your situation!

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