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Why Orange Makeup Makes Your Teeth Look Bad

Posted on 6/30/2017 by Dr. Smith
A woman putting on makeup.
Have you ever put orange makeup on, only to notice that all of a sudden you look sick? It makes your skin look more yellow, just like it does with your teeth.

If you regularly wear makeup, you need to steer clear of anything in the orange family to avoid this result.

Instead, try out makeup that is more along the lines of the blue or purple family, as this gives your skin and your teeth a more vibrant look.

How to Avoid the Problems with Orange Makeup

Take your time to find a good lipstick. If you only really like orange hues like coral or sunset, then buy a few of the cheapest brands that fall into the plum category.

Try each one out for a day, and see how you feel about it later in the day. You can even try mixing a little of two of the colors to see if you can make one you do like.

Once you find one, bring a sample of it along with you on a notecard or a tissue, and compare the colors at the store with the one you created.

Avoid all forms of orange, as well as any type of lip gloss that has a gold shine to it. You want to opt for silver if you want a bright, white smile instead of a yellowish grin.

If you think that your teeth look yellow even without lipstick or makeup on, then contact our office. He or she can give you an idea of what whitening would do for your teeth, and if the procedure would be safe.

If so, then you can schedule a time to come in and get a whitening boost to your pearly whites!

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