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How to Quickly and Effectively Sanitize Your Toothbrush

Posted on 9/27/2017 by Dr. Smith
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Do you go out of your way to sanitize your toothbrush regularly? For most people, the answer is no. They think that cleaning it out after brushing gets that gunk out. Unfortunately, that isn't quite accurate.

Your toothbrush can be harboring numerous types of bacteria and debris that you continually put into your mouth in an attempt to get your mouth clean. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to sanitize your toothbrush moving forward that may help make life a bit easier.

How You Can Sanitize Your Toothbrush in a Flash

First, you can simply place the head of an electric toothbrush, or the entire toothbrush if you use a traditional version, right into the dishwasher. The top-rack of a dishwasher gets warm enough to clean your toothbrush thoroughly, but not so hot as to melt it. This will get it clean, but still leave you with a useable toothbrush.

Second, you can pour boiling water over the head of the toothbrush to clean out the debris and bacteria. This only has to sit for about 3 minutes for it to be effective. You can do this daily, weekly, or as often as you feel the need.

Third, you can pour some hydrogen peroxide over your toothbrush to sanitize it. If you do this, just make sure you rinse it with water before brushing your teeth. You can also soak it in this between uses, making it always safe to put in your mouth.

Talk to your dentist about other options they recommend for sanitizing your toothbrush, and how often it should be done. Just make sure you follow the general rule of replacing the head of your toothbrush with another soft-bristle head every three months. That way, it is still effective when you use it.

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