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Signs your Toothbrush Needs Replacing Immediately

Posted on 11/27/2017 by Dr. Smith
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The toothbrush is the single thing most people get to encounter at least twice every day. However, despite all these encounters, it is surprising that not everyone knows just when to replace their toothbrushes.

Of course, there are universal standards, but when is it really appropriate to replace one's toothbrush? This article provides a comprehensive review of the signs to look out for when you want to know when to replace.

Time is perhaps the most important determinant when looking for a replacement. The rule of thumb is that toothbrushes must be replaced every three to four months. Brushing one's teeth becomes such a routine that most people are likely to forget just how long their toothbrushes have been in use without replacement. Placing a three-month cap on it is important.

Wear and tear
It does not necessarily have to be more than three months to have a toothbrush replaced, though. It is recommended that in situations where there is significant wear and tear from frequent use, the toothbrush should be replaced. If the brush starts looking frayed or worn out then perhaps it is time for a new one. Bristles that are bent out of shape will likely cause more harm than good.

The texture of the toothbrush also matters. Most bristles are made from soft synthetic material, and they tend to harden with continuous use. When they get very hard, you risk damaging your gums or wearing out the enamel of the tooth when brushing your teeth.

An important often overlooked situation that warrants replacement is when one is recovering from an illness. Toothbrushes pick up everything from the mouth, including disease causing microbes.

It is therefore recommended that toothbrushes be replaced after being down with such illnesses as the flu.

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