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Dental Fillings

Getting fillings is one of the most common procedures for dental patients. They wind up with some type of a cavity, and then come in to see us to get the filling done. However, if you haven’t had a filling in a long time, or have never had one in the past, it may be a bit overwhelming to have it done. Come in and see us. We can help you feel comfortable about getting fillings, and the process required to fill in your cavities.

Getting Fillings Is an Easy Process

First, we have you come in for an exam. Typically, we do the exam at the same time that we do a cleaning, but they do not have to happen at the same time. If we notice decay during your exam, we discuss it with you and then we fill it. The first step in the filling process is cleaning out the decay. This is what most people worry about because we drill away the decaying part of the tooth. Once we are rid of the decay, what you are left with is healthy tooth and a hole. The filling is what goes in that hole.

Depending on the type of filling that you get, you will either be left with a dark, silver-colored filling, or a white filling that matches the rest of your teeth. We get the filling ready, then put it into the hole that we created by removing the decay. We push the filling into the cavity, and then smooth the materials out that are on the outside of your tooth. We then cure the filling, and check and make sure that your filling doesn’t impede your bite or hurt. From there, you are good to go.

Composite Fillings at Smith Dental

What to Know About Fillings

A filling doesn’t take much to take care of. As you are cleaning the rest of your mouth, your filling gets cleaned, too. You want to be gentle with the filling, and make sure not to bite on anything that is too hard, as this can cause the filling to crack or become loose. Should you notice that your filling doesn’t sit quite right in your mouth, come back in and see us. We can make slight adjustments to your filling and make it to where it fits better in your mouth.

Fillings are something many people think are going to be worse than they really end up being. Since the area of your mouth gets numbed before we do any work, you likely won’t feel anything more than pressure or vibration as we work. If you have any questions about fillings, talk with Dr. Smith during your appointment and let him put your worries to rest. He is a great dentist, with lots of experience, and a gentle touch. He can put your fears at ease, and help you feel more secure about getting the dental care you need. Call us today at (503) 746-9361, and let us help you with caring for your mouth properly.
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