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Starting Braces Early

We would like to examine and make predictions concerning your children’s tooth placement young, preferably around age seven. This may come as a surprise to some parents as the common thought is for children to have braces placed in the teenage years, but there are adjustments that can be made while your child’s jaw is still growing, assisting in the development and placement of their teeth. Dr. Smith can potentially save your child from more extensive dental work, and future expense, by watching, assessing, and treating the permanent teeth as they come in.

What can go wrong as my child’s permanent teeth erupt?

There are a variety of problems that can occur when your permanent teeth erupt. From overcrowding, to teeth being impacted, to teeth failing to descend and then disrupting neighboring teeth from descending. With so much at stake, an evaluation from our team at Smith Dental can make a significant difference.
Young child with braces being examined by a dentist in Forest Grove, OR
One of the biggest problems with permanent teeth coming in is overcrowding, or not having the space they need to erupt properly. Overlapping or overcrowded teeth are a problem. It affects the patient’s bite, and allows food debris, bacteria, and plaque to hide in the spaces created by overlapping teeth. The bacteria and plaque begin to decay the teeth, causing additional issues. The patient’s bite is also out of alignment from the overcrowding. A bite out of alignment means that your jaws may not fit together as they should when closing, causing the joint to not get the rest it requires.

Impacted Teeth
Impacted teeth are teeth that were unable to fully erupt from the gum tissue, and are therefore partially covered by the gums. This can be a potential disaster for this tooth. Food particles, along with plaque and other bacteria, are able to hide along the partially erupted tooth with access below the gums. Tooth decay and periodontal disease are common dental issues for impacted teeth.

Teeth That Fail to Descend
Teeth that fail to come in, or extra teeth, can also have disastrous effects for a patient. Generally when teeth fail to descend from the jawbone, it is due to not having proper space available. As the tooth attempts to descend, it causes havoc for neighboring teeth, pushing the neighboring tooth out of the way or into a poor position. Spotting these problems early can help. We will want to take the appropriate action to save your teeth from bigger problems or need for repair.

To find out if early braces, or other orthodontia prep work such as spacers or extraction, can save your child time in the chair or expense for you, we will need to schedule an examination. For more information on orthodontics, contact us at (503) 746-9361; our staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment.

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